Many Benefits of Nettle Tea

In my home I frequently brew nettle tea either loose leaf or tea bags. It’s one of my regular teas and I believe it contributes to my wellness.

I remember when I was young I was often playing in feilds and would be stung by stinging nettles, I would look for a dot leaf and rub it into the sting, I think this must have been a placebo effect as not sure that scientifically works. Don’t ask me what is a dot leaf I don’t know; maybe a dandelion leaf as they do tend to grow by each other and Allaahu alim.

Bit weird really the nettle that burns and stings when it touches bare skin can actually be a relief when consumed or applied topically. Well not weird really given it is a sign of Allaah and He is the most capable wa alhamdulilaah.

What conditions will it benefit?

Stinging nettle is known to help quite a few health conditions.

With it being anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antihistamine.

It’s a natural pain killer and will help with inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, aches and pains. Digestive health because it heals the gut lining including IBS, Crohn’s disease. Skin problems like rashes and ezcema I have personally found it settling for hives. Nettle is a diuretic so helps to flush the kidneys Urinary problems including frequent urination, enlarged prostate, urinary tract infections. Supports blood circulation improve blood flow helping with cramping and reproductive health.

Nettle helps with itching and allergies, hayfever, it’s particularly useful for ezcema as it will heal the lining of the gut as well as soothe the skin.

Health benefits of nettle tea

How often can you drink nettle tea

You can drink nettle tea 3 -4 times a day. You should drink additional water to help stay hydrated and flush the body nicely.

People with food sensitivities can drink nettle tea before and along side meals. I have definitely found myself less symptomatic from food sensitivities when I drink my nettle tea with dinner.

My son was suffering from “ezcema” and the nettle tea helped to settle his skin down alhamdulilaah. He now enjoys to drink the tea on the regular with me.

If I am using the tea bags I tend to put 2 in a cup but then my cup is a bit of a beasty (my mom calls it a jug), when I use the Cafe-Tiere I will use 1-2tsp of nettle tea leaves with 500ml water and leave it to steep until it’s strong. It has an earthy taste and pleasant without honey.

For skin conditions like ezcema, hives, rashes a topical cream would be helpful.

For a stronger dose you could get a tincture or supplement although it is helpful for many be cautious and start off little bit : little bit.

Anything else?

Yea there is, but I think you get the jist of why nettle tea should be in your tea drawer/cupboard.

I’m not a scientist or medical professional, I’m a holistic therapist trained in multiple disciplines and research plenty. I would never suggest something I wouldn’t do myself and I trust myself ? with my health, just a disclaimer FYI.

Wellness and wonderfulness-