Vaginal Steam Herb Blends

What herbs are in vaginal steams?

List of herbs suitable to yoni steam

A vaginal steam herb blend is balanced with herbs that will nourish, deodorise, cleanse, tone and give you an uplifting feeling of relaxation.

Herbs all have their own benefits that affect your body when used. Depending on the desired outcome and your individual circumstances herbs needs will vary. Lavender is a drying herb with antiseptic properties. Mint has a beautiful aroma and is moisturising.

As discussed previously, its the essential oils and therapeutic benefits of the herbs which are the active ingredients in the yoni steam, similarly to herbal tea.

Choosing the right blend

This is important as you need a blend that will support your circumstances.

Vaginal steaming herbsEvery woman has a different reason for choosing to steam. By addressing the cycle this promotes balance in the reproductive organs and this will address other issues.

A Balanced vaginal steam blend has varying ratios of herbs dependant on the need. For instance, a sister with long cycles will not benefit from the same blend as a sister with short cycles. And excessive moisture blends need a higher ration of drying herbs than a dryness blend.

Choose the blend that supports your cycle.

All my blends support cleansing, nourishing, toning, drawing out excessive mucus and old blood.

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