Vaginal Steam Herb Blends

27 Sep, 2019

What herbs are in vaginal steams?

Vaginal steaming herbal blends should be balanced with herbs that will nourish, deodorise, cleanse, tone and give you an uplifting feeling of relaxation.

Herbs all have their own benefits that affect your body when used. Depending on the desired outcome and your individual circumstances, herbs needs will vary.

In my yoni steam blends, I use a range of organic herbs; each blend has a specific formula of herbs to offer support depending on the current menstrual cycle.

Common herbs in my blends include citrus, mint, nettle, rose and lavender, amongst others with varying therapeutic properties.


Choosing the right blend

When choosing the right yoni steam herbs for you, choose according to your menstrual cycle, and select the herbs that fit with your menstrual cycle. I have formulated 4 Yoni Steam blends, which will aid all menstrual cycle imbalances.


  • Short Cycles 27 days or less
    • Requires a gentle steam blend, with strengthening herbs.
    • Choose my Gentle Yoni Steam Blend MELLOW.
    • Formulated to delay periods and bring the cycle closer to 28 days.


  • Long Cycles 28 days or more
    • Requires a formula to cleanse.
    • Choose my cleansing blend RESTORE.
    • Formulated to cleanse and tone and regulate the period to 28 days.


  • Infections Viruses or bacteria 
    • Requires a blend that offers antiviral and antibacterial herbs.
    • Choose my Disinfecting Yoni Steam Blend CLEAR UP.
    • This formula will draw out excessive fluids, and clear out any lingering bacteria/ unwanted discharge and odour.


  • Dryness, Heat and Discomfort 
    • Requires a herbal blend that offers nourishment and moisture.
    • Choose my Cooling Yoni Steam Blend called CALM.
    • Formulated to offer comfort, relaxation and moisture.


If you have multiple needs from the list above and fall into 2 blends, always follow this rule.

A short cycle must always use a gentle herbal formula, MELLOW, is always the right blend when your cycle is 27 days or less.


Vaginal steaming herbs Addressing the imbalances in your cycle promotes balance in the reproductive organs and this will address other issues.

All my blends support cleansing, nourishing, toning, drawing out excessive mucus and old blood.


Whether you want to improve your fertility, recover from surgery, you have PCOS, or endometriosis, then my herbal blends can benefit you, look at your cycle and select the most appropriate herbs according to your needs. If you are having trouble choosing, get in touch.


If you feel you have a more complex issue and you would like support and guidance on when to steam and what imbalances you have; then book a Yoni Steam Consultation for full analysis and advanced steam plan.


All my blends have a basic steam plan on the package and simple instructions and diagrams on how to steam at home safely.


Purchase your Yoni Steam Herbal Blend in the self-care shop

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  1. Geniva Olaniyan

    Can you advise which Essential Oils can be used in Toni Care,?

    • Habibah

      No essential oils are safe to use in yoni care tbh, they are too strong to use near the delicate tissues and may result in burns or discomfort. Stick to herbs; dried or fresh. You can find here bit.ly/yoniherbs


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