Yoni Steam Herbs

What herbs can you use to Yoni Steam ?

List of herbs suitable to yoni steamA small selection the of herbs that can be used for yoni steaming

Herbs all have their own benefits that affect your body when used. Depending on the desired outcome and your individual circumstances herbs needs will vary.

As discussed previously, its the essential oils and therapeutic benefits of the herbs which are the active ingredients in the yoni steam, similarly to herbal tea.

Choosing the right blend

This is important as you need a blend that will support your circumstances.

For example a sister who has long cycles does not need the same blend as a sister with short cycles.

Regardless of the blend the overall benefits of steaming can be experienced including cleansing, nourishing, toning, and drawing out excessive mucus and old blood.

One of the reasons I have prepared a range of blends is due to the feedback I received from clients using the basic steam clean. Everyone was using the same blend and whilst there was benefits and in some cases desired outcomes, some women would have shorter cycles which was not the desired outcome.

This led me to me study further with Keli Garza and become a Vaginal Steam Facilitator. Learning all about steaming, about herbs, contraindications, set ups and safe steam practices.

Can you tell I’m smiling?!

I was one of the 1st if not the 1st in the UK to finish my certification, alhamdulilah, I had a high interest to learn more on the subject of yoni steaming for myself and my clients.

Holsitic Habibah range of Yoni Steam Herb blends have been checked to be balanced formulations and suitable for the purposes stated.

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