Trying again after miscarriage

As a holistic therapist specialising in women’s wellbeing, I come across a lot of women who have experienced miscarriage, some have had multiple miscarriages.

What do we do? We work together to get the best outcome in moving forward focusing on womb health and positive mental outlook.

Emotions after miscarriage

drawn sad face covering face

Following a miscarriage, it is important to come to terms with the loss.

It is perfectly normal to cry and to be sad. Grief comes in different stages, feelings of anger, worry and fear are normal. Don’t beat yourself up, blaming yourself, express your grief it is part of the healing process.

It might help to write down your feelings in a letter or journal, you might find support online forums and groups of women that have been in a similar situation.

Mental health is a big deal. We often take care of our physical bodies but forget our minds. It is important that we learn to manage both so our minds don’t interfere with our ability to cope and live in a positive way.

Physical wellness after miscarriage

Your body is going to need to rest and take some time to recover. You may feel weak and with your emotions and hormones up and down, it is to be expected.

It’s time to pay attention to healing your body, before preparing ourselves for future conception.

Your periods may be off for a couple of cycles following a miscarriage, whilst the bodies hormone levels are settling back down. You may experience aching and cramps, resting and self-care will help with your recovery.

Diet for fertility

Nourishing foods, hummus, chickpeas, avocado, brocolli

Diet is really important, for viable sperm and egg. Nutrients we gain from food have different benefits for the eggs and sperms and help with the development of the pregnancy.

A well-nourished body will produce healthier eggs and sperm, so the right foods do matter.

Nutritious eating needs to be a priority before pregnancy, giving your eggs and your husband’s sperm the best start for a positive outcome.

Self-care after miscarriage

Bleeding may take a week or two to settle if you rest it will better for you. Once the bleeding stops, you can take steps to cleanse and rebuild reproductive health.

Yoni steaming draws out old fluids (blood left from periods, pregnancy, miscarriage, bacteria, etc). Yoni steaming after miscarriage will gently draw out the remaining fluid from the womb leaving it in a better condition.

Abdominal massage is going to help as well, this will improve the health of the womb by improving the circulation, bring about fresh blood to nourish and encourage a nutrient-rich place for optimal reproductive health.

Castor oil packs will help to flush toxins and excess hormones, improve blood and lymph flow supporting the body to repair and recover.

When to try again after miscarriage

Balancing stones

There is no set time. Listen to your mind and body and respond to it. If you feel pain address that, if you feel sad to allow yourself the time to heal emotionally.

When you feel strong in mind and body, you’ve replenished your reserves with nutritious foods, you’re having regular healthy periods, you’re good to go.

It is normal to be anxious, you have had an unexpected experience, this does not mean it will happen again.

If you have experienced multiple miscarriages, please consider the above self-care recommendations before trying again.

Be positive, tie your camel and put your trust in your Lord.

Support after miscarriage

You can find information and stories of other women on the miscarriage association website here