Vaginal steaming for infections

Steam for vaginal infections with the clear up blend

Vaginal Steaming herbs

The clear up blend is designed to help clear up infections with a selection of discinfecing herbs.

The herbs draw out excessive fluids and dry out infections.

Vaginal steaming for infections

  • Infection
  • Viruses
  • Thrush
  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • HPV
  • Unpleasant discharge
  • Unpleasant odour

How to vaginal steam for infections

Any discharge that is off coloured grey, green, yellow, thick, clumpy then vaginal steaming will help you to clear that up with the correct blend.

By steaming for 7 to 10 consequtive days, this helps to dislodge and draw out all excessive discharge. It is important to keep the momentum up and continue steaming.

The discharge may get heavier as you steam this is good because it better out than in.

To get the most out for your herbs do this…

  • Use clear up blend (put the herbs into a piece of cloth or reusable teabag)
  • Boil in pan on stove
  • Remove the herbs from the water and keep in fridge until the next day
  • Check the temperature of herbal water
  • Sit or kneel above the pot

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You can use your herbs twice as long as you remove them from the pan before you sit above the water and kept them in the fridge between uses. They last in the fridge upto 3 days.