What to do about heavy bleeding

3 Dec, 2021

Here is what you can do about heavy bleeding, and also some pointers as to why you may have heavy bleeding.

 There was a time when I was experiencing heavy bleeding, I went to the doctors many times, but as you may well be aware the doctor gives us 2 choices; take some medicate or surgery.

 These days I try to keep myself in holistic wellness and I still follow many of the healing practices as preventative measures.

 Heavy bleeding with the period can be described as when there is a need to chnge the pad every 1-2 hours.

 That is extremely heavy bleeding and in this case one should take immediate bed rest.

 Heavy bleeding causes weakness and over time it will contribute to low iron levels and anemia. Anemia can be a serious condition.

 If you are experiencing heavy periods then this could be a sign that there is some old matter and the body is trying to flush it away. I would suggest a womb wellness journey to connect and start to look after your womb health.

What to do for heavy bleeding?

  • Reduce and stop heavy bleeding with yarrow tea. Did you know this grows on the roadside because it was often used by the Romans as first aid?! I recommend this for every woman that bleeds heavily.

  • Slow down, stop rushing around looking after everyone else. Look after yourself

  • Sit down and get some bed rest, your body may be super tired.

  • Raspberry leaf tea for uterine health this is the perfect drink for women.

  • Steaming weekly, this helps to support the monthly cleanse so that you are not over bleeding.

  • Nettle tea, if you loose a lot of blood on your periods you need to replenish. Making a nettle leaf infusion will help you to build iron stores. Drink nettle tea as part of your hydration plan and infuse when you need that boost of energy.

You might not consider stress to be a factor in heavy periods but trust me it is.

 It’s normal for everyone to have stress in their lives but sometimes it takes over. Think of ways to manage your stress such as making time for yourself, writing down how you feel, and talking to someone you trust.

 Stock up on herbal teas for periods here I would suggest you always have yarrow as an emergency tea in your pantry!

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  1. Nava

    I used yoni steaming herbs on the 18 december then on the 28 started my mensturations and i having cloting since ..though the blood is not flowing but whenever i wipe there comes a clot

  2. Nava

    I would like to know if the clots will stop

    • Habibah

      The clots need to come out, it’s hard for me to say when they will stop without further analysis of your cycle, history, number of steam sessions and set up etc. They will stop when the period ends, but may continue with the next periods until the cleanse is complete


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