Castor oil packs help with constipation

4 Dec, 2021

No, you do not need to drink it!

Castor oil has been used for centuries to improve skin, hair and body.

I highly recommend the use of castor oil packs, not only for womb health, but also because they are excellent for digestive health and liver support.

I still use them myself in my self-care regime, and because they are cosy in the winter!

Castor oil packs help with constipation, by improving the blood flow and helping to shift toxins out.

Briefly this is how the digestive system works.

  • We eat something
  • The body uses what it can and waste is process out the body

When the bowels are not working as efficiently as they should….

  • The waste sits in the colon
  • This is essentially toxins they seep back into the body
  • The liver process the toxins again
  • The liver becomes under pressure
  • Waste is sent back to the colon for disposal

The body really needs to get rid of waste at least once a day. Did you know that we pass excessive hormones out the body through the colon, so perhaps that’s why so many women have hormonal imbalance- well it’s a contributing factor sis.

Castor oil pack can be applied to the abdominal area, they help to promote regular bowel movements. And this lets up some of the pressure on the liver, supporting the liver in detoxing and into recovery from excessive toxins.

What you need for a castor oil pack start with

  • Organic cold pressed castor oil, you want the hexane free. (Hexane is a type of chemical treatment to extract the oil from the castor bean).
  • The cloth you use ideally should be organic, because we are trying to reduce toxins in the body we need to avoid coming into contact them.
  • Old towel or protective cover.
  • Hot water bottle

Here is how to prepare and use your castor oil pack

  1. First off fold the cloth in half and then soak the cloth in castor oil, you want the cloth to be wet with castor oil, but not dripping wet. This could be say 50-75ml of oil.
  2. Put the cloth ok your body where you need it, for the constipation issue but it over the tummy area.
  3. Cover the soaked flannel with the protective cover or Towel if that’s what you are using.
  4. Now place the hot water bottle on top of the protective cover.
  5. Relax and leave the castor oil pack on for 45-60 minutes
  6. When the time is up, fold the castor oil pack on itself and store in a sealable bag or glass jar.
  7. The oil left on your skin can be rubbed in, do this in a clockwise motion and this will encourage regular bowel movements.
  8. Repeat this steps at least 3 times a week for constipation. You do not need to wash the cloth and can reuse it, topping up the oil when needed to keep the cloth wet with oil.
  9. In the hot months store the pack in the fridge to protect the oil from going bad.

For a protective cover you can use a old towel, because castor oil is quite thick and can get messy. You can get the castor oil pack supplies here in the selfcare shop.

You must avoid using plastic or cling film with your pack, that would defeat the objective of detoxing.

Make sure you drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your body and stay hydrated. Your body is made up of over 70% water. So you need to drink more than a few glasses a day. Aim for 2 litres 3 is great, and add herbal teas into your hydration options.

Eat your fruit and vegetables each meal should have a fresh side, such as fruit with breakfast, steamed vegetables with lunch and salad with dinner. With dried fruits in-between for snacks; your body will thank you. Incorporate seeds too chia, and flax are great for bowel health!

Hope this article has helped you. Remember the digestion is one of the most important functions in the body, so we need it in tip top shape.

Catch you later, in health and happiness

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