Raspberry Leaf Tea

5 Jun, 2022

Raspberry leaf is known as a women’s tonic, because of the nutrients and benefits to womb health.

Promoted by midwives during pregnancy to ease and shorten labour. raspberry leaf also benefits the womb through out the menstrual cycle.

It can help tones the muscles of the uterus, with B vitamins and vitamin C it has nutrients to support womb health.

Raspberry leaf is popular support for womb care, helping to regulate cycles.

Can help in supporting the following

  • Endometrial hyperplasia
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Premenstrual cramps
  • Promotes fertility in men and women
  • Miscarriage
  • Diarrhoea

Raspberry Leaf Tea for pregnancy and postpartum help

Midwives encourage women to drink this from the 2nd trimester as research suggest it to aid in delivery and it may decrease labour time.

After birth raspberry leaf tea could help

  • Restore the Elasticity of the womb
  • Prevents excessive bleeding
  • Increase milk flow
  • Strengthens uterine walls

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