Your legs need a massage

14 Dec, 2022

Our legs do a lot for us. We use them all day, every day. Like other parts of our body, they can get tired, overused, sore, and in need of some care. 

Our legs take us where we want to go. They let us walk around to do what we need to do – even if it’s just to grab a snack from the kitchen. 

Some jobs are physical and involve being on your feet a lot. If lifting and moving things are involved, you use your legs to lift and haul them around. Job responsibilities can have repetitive actions than can overwork your muscles. 

Other jobs are not very physical and involve a lot of sitting. Long periods of time with your legs in the same position cause your leg muscles to shorten, so when you stand and walk, your legs feel tight. Add commuting time in a vehicle and your legs may spend most of the day inactive. Try to include regular times throughout the day to get up and walk around if you can, each time you will be giving them a gentle stretch.

  • person sat with one trouser leg rolled up holding a red inflamed knee
  • Someone sat holding their leg
  • Woman in gym pats and trainers stood holding her calf
  • Woman sat holding her foot with heeled shoes to the side of her

We may run to catch a bus, keep up with a child, or get out of the rain. 

At home, we walk around to take care of our place, our family, and our things. We carry laundry and groceries. We shop, cook, clean and put things away. If you have stairs, you will make multiple trips up and down every day.

For exercise or fun activities you use your legs for pilates or fitness classes. You use your legs for lifting weights, boxing, hiking, climbing, kickboxing, and dance.

Your hip, knee, and ankle joints are all affected by your legs. Joints are under pressure from muscles and bones pulling and twisting on them. Relieving muscle pain decreases the pressure on those joints and you feel better.

Wearing high heels can add to pain in your legs, too. The heels cause your muscles to be used in different ways since they not in their natural positions.

Hip and back pain can start in your legs. If one leg hurts you will change how you walk, stand, and even sit to keep it from hurting. That adjustment will affect your other leg. Your legs attach to your hips, which connects to your back, and as more muscles are out of normal position pain begins to develop there too. 

You can see from above your legs do a lot for you. Give them some attention with a massage so you can keep doing what you want with ease.

Blog post written by Barry Hatfield

The other day I was chatting to a client about leg pain, and how I was dragging my legs around with me for a long time until they decided that enough was enough and brought me to a stop.

If you are experiencing aching pains in your legs or hips don’t ignore it sister. Pain is your body’s way of alerting you that something needs attention, so pay attention to yourself sooner rather than later.

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