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Self- Care Massage Oils

Massage oils offer you relaxation and pampering at home, in your own time.


Add a touch of aroma to your regular selfcare.


You can have the benefits of aromatherapy whenever you want them at hand in your bedside table.


Each blend has been carefully crafted to present you with the plant power to help unwind, de-stress and promote health and wellness.



For couples, this is a spicy blend of warming oils that help you to relax and get in the mood. Use on the legs, feet, back and take turns pampering your loved one. With Citrus and Pimento to spice up your life.


Endometriosis/ Fibroids

Help encourage blood circulation and balance hormones with this sweet smelling oil. This oil helps to flush toxins and remove stagnation allowing good supply to the womb. With Rose and Marjoram this massage oil relaxes, and tones the womb.



Helping new moms to relax, restore and feel refreshed. I use this blend for Postnatal Mizan treatments. With Bergamot and Fennel the smell is sweet and soothing.


Womb love

Balance hormones and calm the senses. Use this blend as part of your self-care womb massage. This is the blend I use in Mizan massage, it’s very relaxing and smells beautiful. Use all over the body and promote the feeling of bliss. With Frankincense and Geranium it benefits the mind and body.


Self-care routine

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home; whether it’s your wombspace, feet, shoulders, back, legs or full body.


The benefits of the oils will enhance your well being and stay in your blood for upto 72 hours.


Following a massage it is recommended to drink water and not to shower for 6 hours to allow the skin to absorb the oils. For maximum therapeutic benefits follow a healthy lifestyle.


Massage oil blends are made with base of Grapeseed / Sweet Almond oils and carefully selected essential oils.


All massage oil blends formulated by Holsitic Habibah – Certified & Trained Aromatherapist.

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100ml, 50ml


Aphrodisiac, Endometriosis/Fibroids, Postnatal, Womb love

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