90 Vegan Moringa Leaf Capsules



Moringa is naturally high in iron and packed with vitamin C and calcium, make it great to boost the immune system, heart, lungs and nerves.


Moringa is a superfood because of the nutrients and benefits to the body, some of the benefits of moringa are:

  • Increase lactation milk supply, so these are great for new mums
  • Control mood disorders
  • Promote healthy bones
  • Protect the heart
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Antioxidant fighting off free radicals
  • Lung function and helpĀ  with breathing and asthma
  • Assist Iron absorption
  • Help support healthy blood sugar levels


Moringa is particularly helpful for those with diabetes and breastfeeding mothers. Taken alongside an iron-rich diet they help with anaemia and fatigue.


Take in addition to a healthy balanced diet for additional nutrients and benefits, our nettle tea also helps with iron levels and fatigue.


Suggested use would be to take 2- 3 capsules a day. Taking the leaves in capsule form is an ideal way to avoid the strong taste.


Organic powder and capsules are vegan. Each capsule hold approx 350mg

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