Yarrow Tea

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50g Organic Yarrow Tea

For women’s health and pantry first aid

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Yarrow tea is a tonic and astringent. Yarrow grows by the side of the roads and is often thought of as a weed, however it has brilliant healing properties and should be something in your pantry for when you have colds, upset stomach, period problems and more.


  • Digestive aid, good to drink after meals helps with heartburn, indigestion and nausea
  • Anti inflammatory and a decongestant so helps with sinus infections and coughs
  • It eases the menstrual cycle cramps prolonged heavy bleeding and reduces heavy bleeding
  • Helps with problem periods, heavy crampy, long lasting
  • It’s good for brain health
  • Helpful for depression and anxiety
  • Antibacterial and antiviral so is good for colds and flus
  • Helps with cramps because it’s anti spasmodic
  • It’s an astringent so helps tontine veins and is helpful for varicose veins and atherosclerosis


Suggested use is

Brew 2tsp and add honey to taste

Upto 3 cups of tea a day

For Menstural issues drink daily


This Yarrow Tea is Organic loose leaf and comes in packs of 50g


1 review for Yarrow Tea

  1. Khadija Ahmad (verified owner)

    Had excessive bleeding longer than a month. This slowed the flow down and stopped it within a few days

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