Yoni steaming also known as Vaginal Steaming has been around for centuries and has a history in many cultures around the world. I promise you this is something every woman needs to try, and I am yet to find someone who did not enjoy it or benefit from it.

You’re raising your eyebrows? Yes, I am talking about sitting over a pot of herbal tea and letting the steam reach your vagina. There is a little bit more to it, I ask questions to check your suitability, select the appropriate herbs for you, and before you sit on a stool with a hole in it, we check the temperature of the steam to make sure it is comfortable. You keep your modesty with a gown and in my room you have a screen to sit behind. Then we chit chat and ladies you know there is so much to discuss…

Why Vaginal Steam?

Why not? Yes, really, why not? If this natural remedy can help fix your periods, reduce cramps, reduce endometriosis symptoms, improve your postpartum recovery, help you have a healthy full-term pregnancy then it is definitely something I would not knock! And feedback tells me and other Vaginal Steam Practitioners more than that!


This is what clients say…

“Best period ever” – That’s a common one!

“No pain” – Endometriosis warrior!

“Feels amazing down there” – Improves your sex life!

“I can’t believe I am PREGNANT” – Lots of ladies!

“Sorted my low libido” – No more uncomfortable intercourse from vaginal dryness!

“I tried it and it’s amazing, when can I do it again” – Selfcare routine ♥

“It’s so relaxing” – Common response

“Oh! It actually feels good!” – Lightbulb moments.


Is vaginal steaming dangerous?

No! Not if you do it with me or follow my instructions.

You do know you can burn yourself making a cup of tea if you are careless! – does that make making a cuppa dangerous?

Claims it is dangerous and burns do not make sense, because if you sat down in a bath that was too hot- would you sit there and allow it to burn? No, you wouldn’t- you would stand up and let it cool or add cold water!

As a trained vaginal steam facilitator, I make this treatment safe and accessible to women. From the most appropriate supportive blend of herbs, suitable set up, then guide you through the process whether you choose to do this at home or with myself in Bolton, you are in safe hands.

I sell blends of herbs and customised stools in my shop and it’s really easy to know which blend you need as each one has criteria that indicates its use.


Should you try vaginal steaming?

Oh yes! Oh yes! You cannot knock something until you have tried it. And while many may begin skeptical, I’ve not met anyone that did not enjoy it, and that makes me chuckle because the women are surprised themselves how nice it is.

The benefits of vaginal steaming are vast and on Steamy Chick website she has a database of testimonials where women share how yoni steaming helped them. You can read how so many women have used vaginal steaming to recover their reproductive health.

I highly recommend this treatment to women who are trying to conceive and those who have experienced pregnancy loss.

To be honest I recommend this treatment to every women, because it relaxing and pampering self-care time and I believe every woman can benefit from less cramps, healthier cycles and feeling empowered from something so simple.

If you have questions on this; I’m ready to answer them drop me a message, or share your experiences below in the comments!

Habibah 🌹


  1. Good morning. May I ask what herbs I can use for fertility to my yoni steam
    Kind regards

    1. Choose the herbs based on the menstrual cycle, by balancing the cycle we address fertility. All my blends help with fertility, check out the blends here

  2. Hey sis,
    When will your stools be back in stock please? I had the last one in my cart, by the time I came back to order it, it had gone. I didn’t expect it to go so fast.

    1. Hi, We have a few in stock atm, complete your purchase so you don’t miss out!

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