About Habibah

Hi, I’m Holistic Habibah your Womb Wellness Coach.

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Misunderstood, Misdiagnosed

No one should face the crippling pain of endometriosis alone. Misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and missing our old lives.

At 16, I began a long journey through the healthcare system, plagued by period problems and constant pain. For 10 years, I bounced between doctors and specialists, my life overshadowed by agony and frustration. I lost my job, was very low in mood, and felt overwhelmed with the state of my health..


2009 finally diagnosed

In 2009, I was diagnosed with advanced endometriosis. While relieved to have a diagnosis, I was disturbed by the prognosis. Offered a hysterectomy, which I declined, I endured surgeries and hormonal treatments with little success. My life was consumed by pain and despair.

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My life took an upward turn

Desperate for change, I turned to holistic healing. This shift transformed my life, helping me regain control and rebuild. The dramatic transformation from constant pain and worry to wellness and independence is almost unbelievable.

Pain Free Periods, Restored Fertitlty

Now, I am in control of my health and dedicated to helping women reclaim their lives from period problems. This is my calling. My journey through pain and adversity has uniquely equipped me to support women with endometriosis and other womb-related issues

Book in with me with me and start your holistic healing journey today.


Years of experience

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Alhamdulillah (All the praises are for the Highest) I support women to take control of their health.

With 14 years of experience, I have helped countless women overcome various ailments, including:

Arthritis, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, skin conditions, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, digestive issues, IBS, constipation, stress, inflammation, detox, rehabilitation, spiritual issues, painful joints, backache, awful periods- heavy/missing/clotty/crampy / too frequent/painful, muscle aches and pains, recurrent miscarriage, infertility, endometriosis, scar tissue, fibroids, prolapse, urinary issues, pelvic girdle pain, low moods, lethargy, pelvic pain, stillbirth, sciatica, impaired mobility, gout, PCOS and others.

aromatherpist certification
hijama certified
Yoni Steaming practioner
womb massage practioner


Even though I now offer virtual services, my extensive training and qualifications ensure you receive expert guidance and support. Each modality I’ve mastered enhances the quality of our online sessions, providing you with comprehensive, holistic care no matter where you are.

Wellness Coaching

My wellness coach certification enables me to provide holistic lifestyle and wellness guidance, ensuring a balanced and healthy approach to your overall well-being.


With expertise gained since 2010, I provide personalised aromatherapy plans to help you relax and heal, using essential oils to stimulate and soothe the mind and body.

Hijama Cupping Therapy

Trained since 2009, I offer virtual consultations to guide you in this ancient practice, promoting new red blood cell production for overall wellness.

Womb Wellness & Massage

Certified in 2016, I focus on reproductive, digestive, and emotional health. My training includes womb massage, pregnancy and postnatal specialist techniques, and the practice of Closing the Bones, all aimed at supporting womb health, fertility, period problems, and overall well-being through virtual coaching and guidance.

Yoni Steaming

Advanced training since 2017 allows me to offer detailed virtual consultations for vaginal steaming, addressing issues like endometriosis, fibroids, and menstrual wellness.

Doula Services

As a Doula since 2023, I offer continuous virtual support and childbirth education tailored to your needs, guiding you through the birthing journey with compassion and expertise.

Based on 53 reviews
Jannah A (Jaz)
Jannah A (Jaz)
Very friendly helpful and great advice given. Loved the products I purchased too
Layla Hamza
Layla Hamza
Can’t recommend Habibah enough. From the first moment I met her, she welcomed me with her warm personality and friendly manner. Habibah is generous with her time and her incredible knowledge, which she is always happy to share with others through her Holistic sisters circles. Alhamdulillah, I had hijama and done by her and the results were amazing. I have less back pain and feel so much better. Highly recommend for all females!
Stargaze Beauty
Stargaze Beauty
I had several treatment with Habibah and they all work. I now have less pain in my neck with wet cupping. My steam is a amazing.. I love it. I love the room it's so relaxing, with the smell of aromatherapy.and essential oils. Habibah so know what she is doing. Very experienced and full of knowledge. Going back for more. I would truly recommend
S Patel
S Patel
Good quality product with excellent customer service provided.
May Allah reward you immensely sis! I have learnt so much from you. Not just about holistic healing but gained so much knowledge on bettering myself as an individual.
Mona Bhaimia
Mona Bhaimia
Absolutely love this place! Habibah has decorated the area with flowers and plants, giving it a lovely ambience. Habibah herself is a lovely person who knows what she is doing. She is friendly yet professional in her work and will advise what is best for you and will follow up with after care tips and self care things to do between sessions. I absolutely love habibah and sad to see her go!
Cinderfiza x
Cinderfiza x
Habibah where were you all my life! Shes amazing at what she does and she really genuinely cares about you. She will help you achieve your goal whatever it takes. Shes helped me in so many different ways I cannot express how much hope she has given me xxx thank you
Nydia Gregory
Nydia Gregory
Alhamdulillah after many years of suffering with irregular cycles I came across habibah and Alhamdulillah I had my consultation and she made me an advance plan and although it is early days, since beginning my plan I already feel things are improving and I am so grateful for all her help and support. I would recommend her to every woman out there ! May Allah bless habibah and her business ! ♡

Ways I Can Help You

One to One Coaching

Receive Personalised support and guidance through individual coaching sessions tailored to your needs.


Yoni Steam Consultations

Explore the benefits of yoni steaming with personalised consultations to support your reproductive and menstrual health..


Womb Wellness Calls

Choose from 60-minute or 120-minute sessions to discuss your holistic wellness journey and receive personalised guidance.



Discover essential self-care products and resources to enhance your womb wellness journey.

Virtual Wellness Sessions

Our virtual coaching service is available anytime, anywhere, whether you’re at home, work, or on the move. No concerns about travel or location – we’re only a phone call or video chat away.

The service is always confidential and personalised with follow-up support.

What to expect

You complete a form

You complete a form with some background and lifestyle information, from which I can gather a picture of where you are at. And plan out how I can support you to meet your goals Everything is always confidential.

You complete a form

After completing a form detailing some background and lifestyle information, I use this to gain an understanding of your needs and concerns, helping me prepare for our upcoming consultation. Rest assured, all information provided is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Tailored to your needs

Support is tailored to your needs.

During the session

I am laid back and non-judgemental. You can share with me in confidence.

What to wear

Our consultations are from 60 minutes: casual wear will be comfortable. If you are having a call with a demonstration, wear a separate top and bottoms. 

After the session

After your session, you may feel emotional or tired, you may also feel relieved and excited. Take some time to digest the call.

Ready to Book Your Consultation?

Have a look at my schedule to book your session.