Castor Oil Pack

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Castor Oil Pack for reproductive health, liver detox, aches, pains, and scarring, reduces inflammation and breaks down abnormal tissue growth.

Pack contains Organic Castor Oil Cold Pressed & Hexane-free, Organic Cloth, with Protective Cover attached and Tie Straps to secure.

The pack is approx 45cm x 30cm


Introducing our Organic Castor Oil Pack – Your Ultimate Self-Care Companion

Experience the soothing and comforting effects of our selfcare tool hand-crafted with care to elevate your self-care routine. This all-in-one pack includes organic flannel, a protective cover, tie-on straps, and a bottle of organic castor oil infused with lavender for a relaxing and additional benefits aroma.

Nurture Your Well-Being with Natural Self-Care: This pack promotes a gentle, relaxing experience promoting overall well-being. Castor oil is a centuries-old health and beauty tradition. You can unwind, relieve stress, and indulge in moments of tranquillity.

Supportive Benefits for Your Body and Mind: Our customers have shared their positive selfcare experiences using the packs. The Castor Oil Pack may help ease tension, offering a warm and comforting feeling during use.

A Part of Your Holistic Wellness Routine: Our core belief is we have to take time out to nurture our womb wellness. Designed to complement your self-care practices, an action that will contribute to a sense of balance and relaxation.

Unleash the Power of Lavender Aromatherapy: Infused with soothing lavender, our organic castor oil enhances the calming experience during your self-care moments. Let the gentle aroma of lavender ease your senses.

Our Happy Customers: Customers who have incorporated our Castor Oil Pack into their routines have shared their stories of their precious selfcare moments and how good it feels to make time for themselves. They are finding comfort in the moments of self-awareness and building connection with themselves.

Time to Nurture Yourself: Find your own rhythm of relaxation with our Castor Oil Pack. Whether it’s part of your bedtime routine or a moment to unwind after a busy day, it’s time to cherish yourself. It is a nice practice a few times a week, recommendations are on the packs but do what you can.

How to Use Your Castor Oil Pack:

  1. Place the organic flannel over your lower abdomen (womb area).
  2. Pour a good amount of organic castor oil onto the flannel.
  3. Fold the flannel on itself to help even oil distribution.
  4. Secure it with the tie-on straps around your back.
  5. Optionally, use a hot water bottle to intensify the soothing effect.
  6. Enjoy the gentle relaxation for 45-60 minutes or as instructed.


Invest in Your Well-Being: Our Organic Castor Oil Pack is an investment in your self-care and well-being. Discover the joy of indulging in moments of relaxation and tranquillity.


Read more about the benefits of using a castor oil for womb health in my blog here

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 8 cm

100ml, 200ml

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    Really pleased with my Castor oil pack. Would recommend ??

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