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Putting you in control of your womb health, for better periods, managing gynae issues and womb wellness.



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Based on 49 reviews
May Allah reward you immensely sis! I have learnt so much from you. Not just about holistic healing but gained so much knowledge on bettering myself as an individual.
Mona Bhaimia
Mona Bhaimia
Absolutely love this place! Habibah has decorated the area with flowers and plants, giving it a lovely ambience. Habibah herself is a lovely person who knows what she is doing. She is friendly yet professional in her work and will advise what is best for you and will follow up with after care tips and self care things to do between sessions. I absolutely love habibah and sad to see her go!
Cinderfiza x
Cinderfiza x
Habibah where were you all my life! Shes amazing at what she does and she really genuinely cares about you. She will help you achieve your goal whatever it takes. Shes helped me in so many different ways I cannot express how much hope she has given me xxx thank you
Nydia Gregory
Nydia Gregory
Alhamdulillah after many years of suffering with irregular cycles I came across habibah and Alhamdulillah I had my consultation and she made me an advance plan and although it is early days, since beginning my plan I already feel things are improving and I am so grateful for all her help and support. I would recommend her to every woman out there ! May Allah bless habibah and her business ! ♡
Aminat Rufai
Aminat Rufai
Currently using the Yoni 'Restore' herbs. Such an amazing lady and great customer engagement. She will answer your questions and tailor your requirements to you! Love her!
Zara Naz
Zara Naz
Lovely kind therapist with a welcoming smile, ive had few treatments and i felt at ease so comfortable to share matters with, I absolutely love the therapy room, i have felt alot calmer after the treatments i have received wil definitely recommend holistic Habibah for her professional approach to what she is best at doing x
seonaid barnes
seonaid barnes
Recommend improving your health the natural way with a caring lady. Genuine and honest is so important when putting your health in someone else’s hands and I can definitely recommend this from this lady.
Javeriya Javed
Javeriya Javed
I used to have horrible painful periods but with the help of Habibah I can now say that alhamdulillah I have a more manageable and painless period. Using yarrow tea reduced painful cramps and yoni steaming also helped to contribute to this. I am grateful and highly recommend Holistic Habibah for any womb related issues and period problems etc.

Welcome to my website

My name is Habibah. I support women to take control of their health.

As a self-care advocate, I am insistent that we must take our health into our own hands. The food we eat is a part of our wellness as all the cells in our body are produced from the foods that we eat.

There is truth in the saying “you are what you eat”!

I am here to support women to make the right choices to have healthier lifestyles.

Holistic Habibah

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Work With Me


Yoni Steaming

This ancient self-care practice is simple and effective, take control again with expert advice and guidance.



Day to day work, family, and home balance can leave us stressed and needing to unwind, massage is perfect to iron out the creases and offer relaxation bliss.


Hijama Therapy

The perfect detox and relaxation session, this ancient therapy is amazing for pain management and balancing the body systems.


Womb Massage

Every woman can have pain free periods, and I can show you.

Hear What People Are Saying

 Naseem Allahi

Habibah is such an amazing woman. I use her mizan massage, her castor oil pack, her vsteam herbs and herbal tea. What I like about her she doesn’t focus on one part but on the whole mind, health, body and soul.

 Annie Mbako

I found Habiba via a recommendation from a friend. The communication and booking process was smooth from beginning to end. The consultation I had was more in depth and valuable than a combined 10 years of visiting gynaecologists. For the first time in my life my symptoms are disappearing.  I wish I had discovered her earlier.


Lovely kind therapist with a welcoming smile, I’ve had a few treatments and I felt at ease so comfortable to share matters with, I absolutely love the therapy room, I have felt a lot calmer after the treatments I have received will definitely recommend holistic Habibah for her professional approach to what she is best at doing x


Here’s The Process


Use our online booking page to find a time and date suitable for you.



Complete a confidential booking form with your health history


With a holistic approach, we work together to discover your unique health goals.


I will make recommendations and actions to get you to the desired goal.


Follow the plan and stay in touch for motivation, accountability and troubleshooting.

aromatherpist certification
hijama certified
Yoni Steaming practioner
womb massage practioner

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