What is fertility massage?

23 Aug, 2020

What is womb massage?

A fertility massage is a massage to the abdominal area and the lower back. It is a traditional reproductive health practice that is thousands of years old and still present in many cultures around the world.

Also known as Mayan massage, Arvigo technique, Fertility massage, Mizan therapy or simply abdominal-sacral massage.

These massages improve pelvic blood circulation, providing a nourishing and relaxing massage.


How does womb massage help?

Are you having a problem with your periods and just be putting up with it?

Have you been trying to get pregnant?

Do you feel out of sync with your menstrual cycle?

It enhances fertility and address reproductive and digestive disorders. Womb massage is empowering and I can teach you how to look after your womb.


  • Helps alignment of womb
  • Helps repair tired, weak muscles & ligaments
  • Flushes old fluids from the womb
  • Stimulates nourishing blood flow to womb
  • Eases pelvic pain
  • Reduces cramping with periods
  • Relaxes pelvic and abdominal muscles
  • Eases back pain particularly that associated with menstruation
  • Helps repair scar tissue
  • Supports lymphatic flow around the pelvic organs
  • Moves stagnant blood which can cause blockages.
  • Increases blood flow to ovaries
  • Supports regular menstrual cycle
  • Improves digestion of food
  • Encourages regular bowel habits
  • Eases constipation
  • Manages uncomfortable menopausal symptoms


Womb massage is very effective and support to women’s health. I regularly use womb massage to help women with the following;

  • Endometriosis
  • Prolapse
  • Cyst
  • Periods problems
  • Fertility
  • Fibroids
  • Digestive health
  • Bloating
  • Difficult menopause
  • Pelvic pain
  • Postnatal care
  • Cesarean section recovery


Holistic Wellness Consultation

Before your womb massage treatment, we have a conversation about your health. It is completely confidential, you can express your concerns to a listening ear in a calm environment.


I will ask you about periods, medications, diet, stress and lifestyle, and then offer advice and support. Consultations online and via phone for those who want support and direction in getting their reproductive health back on track.

We will discuss how to improve your situation and I will make some recommendations. Commonly, I suggest yoni steaming if suited because it supports pelvic health so well.


My Education

I trained in Mizan Therapy in Summer of 2016 with Bushra in London. And I’ve taken additional Mizan courses of pregnancy and postnatal care.

In case you are wondering why I am not on the Mizan Practitioner website; it is because I chose not to pay membership.


Interested? Get in touch and book your appointment.


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