Brown vaginal discharge

6 Mar, 2021

Do you experience brown vaginal discharge? Here is some insight as to why you have that and also what you can do stop it.

During the period blood flushes the womb out, as we all know fresh blood is red. However, old blood is brown and sometimes if much older, then it can be black.


Why is the vaginal discharge brown?

If during the monthly period the womb could not get a full cleanse, towards the end of the bleeding, the blood flow slows down and takes time to exit the body. Because of the time taken to exit the vagina, the blood is brown.

The brown discharge seen at the end of the period is either a) the end of the period blood which has turned brown and in this case, it may just be a small amount of stain or b) discharge mixed with mucous so it will be wet and perhaps sticky.

The discharge after menses has finished can last a few days and some women will experience discharge through the whole month.


What type of discharge should you have?

The thing is, the only discharge a woman wants to have is a clear discharge. Anything other than this will be a sign of imbalance, this may be because of dampness, infections, or weak arteries.

For Muslim women, brown vaginal discharge can cause anxiety when it comes to performing one’s obligatory prayers 5 times a day. Confusion about where the discharge is blood (impurity and barrier to pray) or a weak vessel leaking. Either way we want that cleared up.

Aiding a full womb cleanse

Getting a fully supported monthly womb-cleanse (period) is going to prevent the build-up of old blood and also help clear the period out in a reasonable time frame.

This is what you can do if you are experiencing this discharge after your menstruation finishes.

Yoni steaming

Vaginal steaming, also known as yoni steaming, is a simple practice that will draw out any old lingering blood from the vagina, cervix and womb. It will also draw out any infection or bacteria.


When to Yoni steam for brown discharge

One of the best times to vaginal steam is just before and after the period; this assists the womb to clear out any remaining old fluids. And after the period will also help.

Find Yoni steaming herbs here and select the one that matches your cycle.


Womb massage

Regular womb massage promotes healthy blood flow in your pelvic area. Good blood flow is important, as it will help with the time of the month when your womb needs to cleanse.

Even 5 minutes a day of gentle abdominal massage will increase reproductive health aid in the elimination of toxins and improve menstrual cycle and fertility.


Selfcare is key

Many women are not aware of the benefits of womb self-care. Too many women put up with problems surrounding periods brushing them off as normal and part of being a woman. That is a mistake, and if you follow this blog you will learn more about your body.


Knowledge is power and you will learn what you can do to take control of your womanhood and end the suffering and anxiety related to the “dreading menses”. You can appreciate your body and honour yourself by taking it easy and giving yourself the break and self-care you deserve.


You can find self-care items in my shop, if you incorporate self-care into your weekly practices, you will soon see a difference. For personalised guidance book a vsteam consultation where I will highlight your imbalances and create a customised steam plan.

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  1. Salma

    A question: been on the depo injection for almost 7 years. Left it last June. Never bled since. In Jan their year I had brown discharge for a few days…not a flow but irregular with clear blood but no flow. Prior to that I had hormone problems signaling a period. Again 2 days ago the brown thick discharge has started after the breath stopped painting and have lower back pains but no flow. When wiping off the vagina the thick brown with threads is there. Not using any contraception. Is this regarded as a period or not. In January it lasted over 15 days


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