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This shop has the items for Women’s Wellness Self-care.

Looking after ourselves is essential for womb wellness.

Self care is not a luxury but is it an essential habit that should be a part of our everyday living.

Because we all want healthy menstrual cycles, painless, without cramps or flooding.

The reproductive system needs caring for, the same as other parts of our body.

The items in the shop will empower you to take control of self healing and recovery.

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Shop Steaming Herbs

Organic blends for specific needs. Available in 10 steam packs and sample 2 steam packs. Used regularly vaginal steaming can help to correct menstrual cycle imbalances.

Customised Steam Seats

These natural wooden stools are customised with a circle hole and a cotton skirt. Making steaming at home simple and accessible.

Massage Oils

Enhance fertility and balance hormones with self-care massage. Buy Aromatherapy blends for couples, endometriosis, cyst, fibroids, postnatal care and general womb wellness.

Castor Oil Packs

Support healthy reproductive system when used over the abdomen. And can also be used for liver detox. Castor oil packs help with scar tissue, menstrual cramps, benign growths.

Plastic free sanitary wear

Official Mooncup stockist as an alternative to tampons. The Mooncup is an environmentally friendly silicone menstrual cup.

Faja Womb Wrap

Ideal for womb alignment as, womb wrapping supports the ligaments when weak. Furthermore a faja is a source of pelvic comfort during pregnancy.

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