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raspberry leaf tea organic

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf is known as a women’s tonic, because of the nutrients and benefits to womb health. Promoted by midwives during pregnancy to ease and shorten labour. raspberry leaf also benefits the womb through out the menstrual cycle. It can help tones the muscles of the uterus, with B vitamins and vitamin C it has …

Vaginal steaming for infections

Vaginal steaming is great for infections and viruses and irregular discharge. If you are experiencing discharge that is not clear nectar then read on and find out how to vaginal steam for infections. My clear-up Yoni steam blend has been formulated to help clear up infections with a selection of disinfecting herbs. The herbs draw …

Pan of vaginal steaming herbs

How to Vaginal Steam at Home

How to vaginal steam at home is simple and you can do it with none to very little extras.   If you do not have a stool, that’s okay you can kneel over the pot.   If you do not have the herbs, that’s okay you can steam with water alone! Yes!   If you …